Saturday, May 07, 2005

Lecture 018: Wheel of Orgo II

We played "Wheel of Orgo" again today, with the modification that I only counted a point for reactions only if they were correct. Again 3 points for completing the synthesis. We did 2 relatively simple syntheses then started one difficult one (vanillin). We didn't get the chance to finish that one so we'll resume next time. Again Sujeet ended up with the most points at the end.

I would encourage you to think of ways of finishing this synthesis with the reactions we have learned. It is a good way of consolidating the material in this class. You don't need to participate, you can pass your turn and you can join the game in progress.

If you are taking the class online and would like to participate in a future Wheel of Orgo session email me so that I can plan future sessions.

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